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Paint Party Venue

Brush and Tipple are growing!

If your venue would like to host one of our social paint nights, get in touch at or fill in the form provided.

What can you expect?

Our parties are social events where people come to relax and have fun at a venue like yours, and get to take home something they created themselves, while meeting new people and having a laugh.

We walk our guests through the steps to create a painting, which they may never have done before, encouraging them to relax and take breaks to order from the bar both before the event starts and during. 

The events start at 7pm and finish at around 9.30pm. We encourage the guests to arrive much earlier though to settle in and order refreshments before we start, and we arrive a good 45 mins earlier to set up. We supply everything from table cloths to water, and clean up and set straight the venue before we leave.

We handle all advertising, promoting and booking, including your social media in the local area and making you co-host in our own social media, plus sending you any posters or other media that would aid you in promoting the events. All we need is space for 15 to 30 people to make this a good event for the guests. A win-win for both of us!


Let's do the win-win!

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