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Today is your blank canvas​!

We are back in creative action from September 1st!

While the resttrictions are still in force in our local pubs, we are taking private party bookings only for groups of 6 and up.

Book your party with us today - we bring everything except chairs and will fit in your space. Call us for more info and let's get creating again!


Statue with Mask

Easy lessons in water colour, acrylics and oils.

Have you ever wanted to learn to paint and just don't know where to start?

Find a lesson here that will set you on your creative journey. In our set of free videos you will see just how easy it is to paint and show your creativity.

And if you enjoy the art and really want to explore, we take the lessons from easy acrylic painting to the more challenging water colours and oils in our subscribers art club channel. 

When you subscribe you get access to 2 new lessons every week, plus live events, art discounts and much more. Check out the monthly plan for all that is on offer 

and lets get creative!

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